Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A Brief of My Work in the Most Recent Month

My project has already comes to its end, and I am finishing up the coding and starting to write the documentation of the Chrome extension, and at the same time, I have started the experiment on the extension.

I still meet my supervisor on a weekly basis, exchanging ideas to make the final deliverable more usable. Several features have been changed during this month and everything is working perfectly. I looked into other JavaScript APIs that may contribute to the project and I did put "JQplot" into my project as the final addition. As suggested by Rafa (my supervisor), I changed the look of the entire Chrome extension. Now it is just one HTML page with plain white background colour and black text. Also, I added the email sending functionality to facilitate users to send the usage data to me, and a "about" page to give users general information on this extension. Today is the second day of the experiment on the extension, and I have discovered bugs that I failed to find on my own PC during the implementation, and last night I removed all bugs discovered so far.

As the Human Ethic office is still concerned about my extension access users personal information, I made a clarification to ensure that personal information of the users is only accessible by themselves.

One thing I need to do is to refactor my code, because during the implementation, although I am using the OO methodology, it is still hard to maintain code quality when more functionality is implemented, especially using a language like JavaScript. I may need to re-implementation everything to make the code look nice, however, before doing that I will check out existing frameworks to see if they could offer any help.

My task of this week and the week after is mainly doing the experiment, and I will try to finish the documentation and code refactoring.