Friday, 30 March 2012

Know thyself

I read the paper introducing "Know thyself" and found I can use some of its idea in my project. I am now reading the papers accepted (Chi 2010). is the website main page, I am also reading the content here.

Plan for the data-gathering prototype:
I have already implemented the prototype for Gmail, and I still need to do the same thing for Blogger, Facebook and Twitter.
1. spend one week for each of the there social sites.
2. spend one week for the integration
3. during the implementation, I will well document all those prototype.

What I am doing:
1. writing thesis proposal 
2. continuing documenting Graph My Inbox

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Chorme Database

I spent the whole morning trying to make the chrome database api work, which is called "gears". However I failed. And it turned out that google no longer update the api and has removed gears since chrome 12. (I am currently using chrome 17, source:

The reason why google give gears up is that it is a fast move by google to implement the web database and other web technologies. However, since now html5 is globally available, which is a standard to provide all the technologies provided by gears, google shift its focus to html5.

I'll get started with html5 tonight.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Appointment 2

------ At the appointment on 20th March, my extension failed to return anything on Rafa's Mac laptop.

I used several Gmail accounts to check if my chrome extension is still working. After a few tests, now I know that Google have again changed the implementation of Gmail backend. The reason why the impact to my extension is huge is that my extension bases fully on the underlying internet protocol, rather than Gmail api provided by Google development team.

??? My solution is that I will re-implement the extension with offical Gmail api with goog documentation.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Literature Research 1

My mission is to deal with the ambiguity of emotional words, distinguishing different meanings interpreted in different contexts.All I found do not seem to be qualified to do the job.

From 6th March, I have been reading academic papers on the subject of emotion recognition. However, what I found is that all the papers I have read only use the statistical method or machine learning to process the text, and "context" is defined as "the previous and the next sentence of the current sentence" by almost all the authors, which is not a satisfactory manner.

There is a hierarchical approach which was proposed in both 2008 and 2010 by 2 groups of researchers might be a way to try. 

In terms of the data gathering part of the project, facebook api and twitter api will do the job. What I need to do is just find out a way to display all the data through a plugin.